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The Stayblcam was a surprise find for us. And we're happy to say that it was a welcome surprise that has let us try... StayblCam Review And Overview For Trail Runners

The Stayblcam was a surprise find for us. And we’re happy to say that it was a welcome surprise that has let us try out some cool new action videos and image taking where before it would have ended in a blurry or jarring video that made you want to vomit!

Additionally, you won’t break the bank when you purchase the Stayblcam – for that reason we highly recommend checking it out if you think you even might be interested in some smooth action video footage.

The set up looks pretty slick and feels good in the hands – solid, but not overly heavy or bulky.

After a few minutes of fiddling around with the Stayblcam we headed over to the website to see exactly how we were supposed to arrange the telescoping arms with our phone attached. A minute or two later we had it balanced and went out and shot some great videos…of ourselves walking in the driveway! Exciting!

That said, we’ve gotten some better videos since then and will be updating this post with a clip or two soon.

StayblCam In Action

The only thing that we didn’t immediately figure out was the correct way to hold the StayblCam when in use. Make sure you pay attention to the videos on the website¬†and mimic that method – otherwise the video will not come out nearly as good.

Once you have that simple trick down you are good to go!

The StayblCam was a great choice for a sub $100 video stabilizer and we recommend it to anyone looking to shoot stable smartphone or GoPro footage without breaking the bank.
  • Low price
  • Easy to use
  • Multi-functional
  • Takes a minute or two to set up each time you use

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